David Washington is dedicated to providing music and other arts that describe the experience of people aspiring to spiritual wholeness.  His music is positive, harmonically rich and soothes the soul as it brings the reality of Spirit into the practicality of everyday living.  His classic rock sound and lighthearted lyrics clothe a mature clarity.

Currently serving as the Director of Music at the Center for Spiritual Music, Asheville, David continues to write, perform QV_DEVELOPER_01
TB0-123regularly.  In late 2014 he released the Glory Road collection of songs describing 4 stages of spiritual development; awakening, aspirant, adept, ascendancy.  Early in 2015 he released the Let’s Get Real collection.  His newest creation of New Thought sing-alongs, Happiness Is My Choice, was released in the summer of 2015.

David is an ordained minister and sees every interaction as an opportunity to bring the healing, organizing potency of Source into manifestation.