I had occasion to provide music for a wedding recently.  One of the songs presented at the ceremony was the Amanda Marshall song, I Believe.  As I prepared for the event by listening to the song and reflecting on the lyrics, I was caught up in the spirit of assurance that I found there.  And while I have grown in confidence about myself, my abilities and about life in general, in this ever expanding universe there is always space for a greater knowing, in this case a greater knowing of assurance in my experience.

Around the same time of preparation for the wedding, I attended a party where one of my friends felt moved to open her heart to me.  What she shared was the beautiful qualities she sees in me and a heartfelt encouragement to let my light shine.  I was deeply moved…still am.  Over the years I have grown tremendously in confidence about myself and about Life supporting me.  I believe in myself.  And it feels really, really good to hear that belief amplified and reflected back from another person.

I would invite you to express to someone confidence in them.  As I thought about extending this invitation to you, I was forced to examine how I view the people in my world.  Am I lifting them up, expecting the worst or courageously enduring the tarnish I think I see on their bright star?  Hmmm.

Taking this line of thinking a bit wider, how do I see our world?  Am I expecting the worst, righteously soldiering on as humanity careens from one disaster to another or do I deeply believe in our ability to rise above our history and limiting beliefs.  We know that we get what we focus on.

I see humanity’s habitual ways of being shifting into a higher level of function without needing any more catastrophic events to make the shift.  In the midst of whatever may be going on, I am holding this vision.  This is something to be aware of and to do together.

Returning to personal reflection and I Believe, I ask who is believing in whom?  Who is making the statement and who is receiving it?  At first blush, one personality is speaking to another personality and this is probably true much of time.  This activity is pleasurable for the giver and receiver because the person offering the statement is aligned with the God quality of assurance and blessing.  Spirit it always offering a blessing and when we are aligned with Spirit we feel good.

Another aspect of believing is the belief in God by a personality.  Whether that deity is perceived as being outside of oneself or within oneself, there is a trust that opening to God brings the feeling of assurance and blessing, the lifting, that is sought.  This trust is never misplaced since God is always present, always consistent in qualities of assurance and blessing.

However, if we flip 300-115 around so that we hear the message as God or Spirit speaking to the outer personality, the picture changes tremendously.  God is supremely self-confident…Self-confident.  The One that manifests as a soul/spiritual being and eventually a body and personality has every confidence in Itself to emerge into greater and greater experience in time and space.  The One, Spirit, God speaks to the personality saying, “I believe in you.”  In fact, it is because of this belief, this thought held in the Mind of God, that you exist at all!

Here, now, standing in the place of wholeness, the Holy Place, I say “I believe in you” to my world, to myself, to my Self – all one and the same actually.  I know this is absolutely true and comes with a powerful and penetrating blessing.  This blessing, this vision, lifts our three-dimensional awareness into union with Source.  We feel peace as we experience this core quality of God.  Peace be unto you.