Vision For The Nation

Please join me in holding a vision for our nation and for all the peoples of the world.  You are welcome to share this song freely.  It is available at no cost through Election Day.

I have a vision for this place the Founder’s saw;one-starry-night-cover-art

A nation born to lift the lamp

At the golden door.

I hold a vision for this nation’s quality,

Where every woman, man and child

Lives in dignity.

            With sober eyes we see the past

            And release the deeds we’ve done.

            Nothing can stand in the way

            Of an idea whose time has come.

We are the vision that emerges from on High;

A people of integrity,

A nation of prosperity,

Where we fulfill our destiny,

Where none are bound and all are free,

Where every woman, man and child

Lives in liberty.

Oh Freedom.

Sweet freedom,

Here and now.

© 2016 David Washington

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