Meet the Musician That Brings Inspiring Music To You

Get to know David

David Washington is dedicated to providing music that describes the experience of people aspiring to spiritual wholeness.  For over 30 years he has opened the way for currents of inspiration, compassion, abundance, understanding and confidence.  His music assists individuals through the process of emerging consciously from the core of Being into the world.  

David’s wide ranging life experience in the work world, as a minister and spiritual coach, has provided him with a rich pallet from which to create  He emphasizes the potency of Spirit in practical, joyous everyday living. 

David’s New Thought message shows up as a blend of R&B and classic rock, often with reggae or another influence in the mix.  He thinks of his work as the soundtrack to ‘the Path’.

He continues to write and perform regularly and has several CDs to his credit.  New projects are always in the works. 

David sees every circumstance as an opportunity to show up in deepest identity, bringing the healing, organizing potency of Divine Love into manifestation.