Music for Ministers and Music Leaders

Music Writer David WashingtonAre you spending too much time on the details of your music program? David can free you up by providing music and related items to help engage your congregation and propel your mission forward. Wouldn’t it be great to have the space to focus on your passion and more fully enjoy ministry?

David Washington Music provides his recorded music for Services and other events in easy to use formats, categorized by use i.e. congregational/sing-alongs, openings/welcome, chants and offeratory.

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David's music for Ministers and Music Leaders also comes packaged for your use.  Each package includes:

  • A full high quality audio with all the music and vocal parts.
  • A backing track for use by a vocalist when a band is not available.
  • Lyrics with the musical arrangement.
  • A high quality lead sheet including harmonies and other essential parts.
  • A Power Point for congregational songs.
  • Lyrics for public use, always freely available.


Here is a free Ministry Music Package, Give and Receive in Love.  Click on the image below to receive your package.



Give and Receive in Love (2019) pkg Celebrations and Holidays

Minister’s Music Catalog

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A Good Day


Happiness Is My Choice


My True Nature


Perfect, Whole and Complete


The Rhythm of Life


Within The Heart of God

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I Declare My World


I See, I Bless, I Release REPRISE


The Spirit of Love Goes Before Me


Bahamian Christmas


One Starry Night


Vision For The Nation



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Vision For The Nation